Kaihlalahti Clothing

Kaihlalahti Clothing is the winner of the Winter Wonders -competition!

Uusi Suomussalmi -kuosiset tyynynpäälliset


Kaihlalahti Clothing quality textile products are locally made in Suomussalmi Finland.

New Suomussalmi graphic design - the idea for the design comes from the wool woven Suomussalmi-raanu (a traditional heavy woven rug, used as bed cover and wall textile), which was originally inspired by different shawl patterns used in villages in Suomussalmi at the 1800-century.

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Kaihlalahti Clothing Uusi Suomussalmi pieni liina keittiöpyyhe iso kuvio kuva1

Kaihlalahti Clothing Uusi Suomussalmi -kuosinen keittiöpyyhe pienellä kuviolla

New products

New products