A decorative pillow cover and the snack bar are the winners

Race to Winter Wonders product competition, looking for products suitable for international markets and especially the Winter Wonders Christmas market event in Brussels 30.11.2018 – 6.1.2019.

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Kaihlalahti Clothing sisustustyynynpäälliset Uusi Suomussalmi

The Winter Wonders Christmas market event in Brussels & the New Suomussalmi design

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ylakainuu Kaihlalahti Clothing tyynynpaallinen kilpailu

Lea Helttunen´s a decorative pillow cover 

A decorative pillow cover with the New Suomussalmi graphic design was chosen for the competition final round. The design goes a long way back in the history of Suomussalmi municipality. 

Two Products Continue the Race to Winter Wonders

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Kaihlalahti Clothing sisustustyynynpäällinen Uusi Suomussalmi kuosi iso kuvio


The Guardian: “Serene summer in Finland’s centenary national park”

The Nordic country’s newly opened Hossa national park has all the wilderness an adventure traveller – or a bear – could desire.


Hossa national park are the popular travel place in Finland

Kaihlalahti Clothing Suomussalmi Hossa