Kaihlalahti Clothing quality textile products are locally made in Suomussalmi Finland. Fabricmaterials are 100 % finnish organic cotton (GOTS) and 50 % cotton/50 % linen. Kaihlalahti Clothing´s products are Design from Finland and Avainlippuproducts (Suomalaisen Työn Liitto).

The New Suomussalmi graphic design used in this product is a part of a centuries-old craft tradition in Suomussalmi community. The idea for the design comes from the wool woven Suomussalmi-raanu (a traditional heavy woven rug, used as bed cover and wall textile), which was originally inspired by different shawl patterns used in villages in Suomussalmi at the 1800-century.

Kaihlalahti Clothing Uusi Suomussalmi raanu tarina historia

Colours of the New Suomussalmi design fabrics are almost the same as in the original The New Suomussalmi design products want to give respect to Finnish handcraft tradition. Products are practical and high quality. Our textile products are locally designed and made in Suomussalmi Finland.

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Kaihlalahti Clothing Uusi Suomussalmi -kuosinen keittiöpyyhe pienellä kuviolla